Cheryllynn Kaneholani, CNA

Cheryllynn Kaneholani, CNA
Certified Nurse’s Aide

Cheryllynn “Cheryl” Kaneholani is one of Kaua`i Hospice’s Certified Nurse’s Aides whose warmth and compassion are eclipsed only by her dedication to serving the needs of her patients. Cheryl fondly recalls her first experience with Kaua`i Hospice back in 2007 while under the direction of Judy Smith, “With the grace of Akua, I fell into the hands of Judy. She called me to schedule an interview. I felt such good energy and warmth just talking to her on the phone. Since that day, I’ve enjoyed positive energy from the staff and everyone that comes in contact with Kaua`i Hospice.”

“Being with the patients and families we care for is extremely rewarding. I am honored to be a part of their journey.”

Cheryl became a Certified Nurse’s Aide in 2003 while living in Hilo, Hawaii. She is a loving mother of four and very proud grandmother to Austin, Makena, Hailey, Janea, Alia, Kahealani, Mahealani and Kaiulani.

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