Sharon Leslie

Sharon Leslie
Volunteer Coordinator

I moved to Kaua`i Hawaii in late 2000. My friend told me about Hospice and that they needed someone to answer phones while they were searching for a full-time administrative assistant. I was happy to help. I got work elsewhere when someone was hired, but I believe that “there are no accidents…”. My 20 year old grandson was killed on December 21, 2001. I was in shock, disoriented, lost. I remembered Kaua`i Hospice. That is where I went for support and they were there for me. I completed a Journey Through Grief workshop, took Volunteer Training in 2003, and continued to help in the office, but realized that I was drawn to bereavement support, facilitating Journey Through Grief workshops and one-on-one grief support. In September 2006, I was offered the Volunteer Coordinator position on the staff. I continue to be a member of the bereavement team.

As Volunteer Coordinator, I find myself learning and growing on a daily basis. Each day being thankful that I’ve been called to serve in this capacity. My heart truly overflows when I am priviledged to witness the love surrounding and bonding our patients and their caregivers. We are so honored to be allowed to be a part of Hospice families’ end-of-life journeys. Each home, each family has their own unique story… their own ways, their own “stuff”… but always one common ingredient…love. They wouldn’t have chosen Hospice without it.

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