No. Hospice care is patient-centered care emphasizing comfort, peace and quality of life. Hospice care is built on the belief that every day of every life matters. We aim to help patients facing a life-limiting illness live in comfort and with dignity. Hospice care doesn’t hasten or postpone dying. Just like an obstetrician provides specialized medical expertise and support when we enter the world, hospice provides expertise and support during the last phase of life.
Anyone facing a potentially life-limiting illness should be aware of all the care options, including palliative and hospice care. Knowing when to consider hospice care is important for planning. Signs for serious consideration of hospice care are when the patient:

  • No longer responds as expected to treatments for the disease.
  • Expresses concern that the burden of treatment is outweighing the benefits.
  • Is in consistent pain, or when other physical symptoms are not relieved.
  • Makes repeated, short-term trips to the hospital and/or emergency room.
  • Is despondent about his or her condition and quality of life.
You can always contact Kaua`i Hospice at (808) 245-7277. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
No. If a patient’s condition improves or if the patient and family so choose they can be discharged from hospice care. If the discharged patient should later need to return to hospice care, they can resume services.
Anyone can refer a patient into Kaua`i Hospice.  We will work with the patient’s doctor to verify the patient’s appropriateness for hospice care.
It varies from patient to patient, but we work with you to develop a personal care plan built around the patient’s needs. Every patient of Kaua`i Hospice has an interdisciplinary team of experts assigned to his or her care. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer questions and provide the support you need.
Medicare and Medicaid both provide coverage for basic hospice services, and most private insurance policies have some hospice provision. Families should check with their health insurance provider specifically.  However, Kaua`i Hospice is committed to serving patients regardless of their insurance.
Hospice includes help for caregivers in the form of training, emotional support and respite care. In addition, Kaua`i Hospice provides 13 months of bereavement support following the death of a family member.