To support the patient and family through illness, death and bereavement, supplementing within a team framework, the professional and primary caregivers.

The volunteer should exhibit the following:

  1. Emotional stability and maturity
  2. Sensitivity to the needs of the terminally ill and their families
  3. Commitment to the Hospice concept
  4. Good communication skills (ability to practice active listening, interpreting verbal and non-verbal responses)
  5. Flexibility
  6. Patience
  7. Respect for the needs and rights of others
  8. Ability to maintain confidentiality
  9. Sense of humor
  10. Willingness to meet family’s needs
  11. Ability to accept supervision
  12. Ability to work within a team framework
  13. Knows own limits and seeks assistance when needed
  14. Successful incorporation of past losses into current life
  15. No significant personal losses within the previous year

A.    Functions are as follows:

  1. Maintain contact with the patient and family through visits and phone calls.
  2. Provide emotional support to the patient and family through active listening, patience, and non-judgmental behavior.
  3. Provide companionship.
  4. Assist the Hospice Team in identifying the needs of the patient/family.
  5. Notify staff immediately of any change in patient’s condition or family dynamic.
  6. Assist in physical care as trained or as comfortable with (i.e. simple feeding, appropriate limited exercise, back rubs, personal grooming, etc.)
  7. Provide respite care for the family.
  8. Provide supportive services as needed: transportation, shopping, babysitting, yardwork, housework, etc.
  9. Notify the team of inability to meet any need.
  10. Prior to providing any transportation, notify the Volunteer Coordinator or the Office Staff, so we may obtain a copy of your current Driving Abstract.
  11. Act as an advocate, if requested, under the guidance of the Hospice staff.
  12. Support the family immediately following the death and you may attend the memorial service if you choose.
  13. At the request of the Hospice staff, be available to provide Bereavement Support during the year following the death.
  14. Document family contacts and keep statistical information such as number of visits, hours spent, and miles driven.

B.   Training and Commitment:

  1. Attend the Volunteer Training.
  2. Fill out volunteer application, read and sign volunteer contract.
  3. Make a one year commitment to Kauai Hospice.
  4. Attend monthly volunteer support group /education meetings.
  5. Participate in a minimum of one inservice training per year.
  6. Document assignments.
  7. Represent the Hospice philosophy to the community.
  8. Support Kauai Hospice in as many ways as possible.
  9. Submit copy of a 2-part TB test or chest x-ray taken within the last year.
  10. Submit a copy of current driver’s license and auto insurance policy — if  you are driving your own vehicle to and from your assignment. 

C.   Supervision: Supervised by a Hospice Staff member. 

D.  Evaluation: Evaluation and feedback given to volunteer as needed.

Evaluation and feedback regarding Hospice services and staff encouraged at monthly Volunteer Support meetings.