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“I’ve been taking care of Mom who has Alzheimer’s almost alone for 5 years.  I’m exhausted and irritable most of the time.”

You’ve probably heard a similar care-giving story.

As family and friends, we often ask, “How can I help?”  As often, a stressed caregiver doesn’t know what to ask for, or even how to ask for help.

Our island wide volunteer, grassroots movement, Share The Care (STC), is one solution to help us care for loved ones at home without burning out.  The government is not going to help us.  We have to care for our own.

Sponsored by Kauai Hospice, but not limited to hospice patients, STC volunteers help caregivers to organize their family, friends, and resources to form caring teams.  For caregivers who don’t have sufficient family and friends, STC volunteers fill in to form hanai, or extended, families.

Volunteers perform a wide variety of tasks depending on each family’s needs.  They may, example, provide respite care, bring over a meal, babysit, provide transportation to appointments, shop, install grab-bars, light cleaning, or mow a lawn.  Volunteers serve in their home areas and are encouraged to volunteer only for things they would enjoy doing, for whatever time they have available.

Potential volunteers are interviewed by STC coordinator, Deborah Duda, and/or the regional coordinator for their area.  The most important qualifications are compassion and common sense, and we do a Hawaii State police check.

To make a referral, volunteer, or request information, contact Deborah Duda, STC Coordinator (808)332-7668/ or Kauai Hospice (808)245-7277/


If we each do a little, we help a lot.