Kaua`i Hospice is committed to helping people find spiritual peace in the faith of their choice. Our Spiritual Care Coordinator serves as a spiritual adviser and works with the island’s interfaith community to make sure every patient’s spiritual wants and needs are met. Our Spiritual Care Coordinator can also provide:

  • Home visits for conversation, prayer, inspirational and scriptural readings, etc.
  • Find/arrange specifically requested religious and spiritual rituals, including communion, ceremonial rites, meaningful music, etc.
  • Assist in life reviews
  • Officiate or assist with funeral planning

Kaua`i Hospice supports both clergy and congregation by providing comprehensive and sensitive information about difficult topics, such as:

  • How Hospice Care Works
  • What You Need to Know About Caregiving
  • Caregiving: How your faith community can support those caring for loved ones
  • Grief and Loss
  • End-of-life Care (issues common to life-limiting illnesses)

Kaua`i Hospice also provides support for faith communities during times of community crisis by facilitating discussion of events and how individuals and faith communities can cope.

For more information on our outreach to faith communities, please contact our Spiritual Care Coordinator. (link to Caroline Miura Email)

Meet our Spiritual Care Coordinator