Many Kauai Hospice patients are not referred until the last one to three weeks of life. Our Medical Director, Dr. Robert S. Weiner, recently wrote about this and care expectations in The Garden Island.

According to Dr. Weiner, it takes a few weeks to fully coordinate a plan for each individual patient. Once that happens, a full range of services will begin which help patients in their last six months of life. These services mentioned in the Kauai news article include:

  • Home health aides, a round-the-clock registered nurse and an on island physician to call.
  • Regular social work guidance as well as spiritual and grief support.
  • Medical equipment, oxygen and other supplies as needed.

Most of our Hospice patients live in their home an approximately 20 percent are in long term care facilities or assisted living. As Dr. Weiner mentions, “Everyone is entitled to the same Hospice benefit at no charge.” Kauai Hospice does not collect a co-payment and the care we provide is paid through Medicaid and private insurance.

Many people ask if it’s difficult to work with dying patients, but hospice nurses usually respond that it is an honor to help care for people in the final chapter of their lives. During the past year, our staff has given aid to many distinguished World War II veterans, teachers who have taught our keiki for decades, farmers who have grown the cane and other crops, business and government leaders, lawyers and even health care professionals. –Dr. Robert Weiner

Hospice Care Begins With An Initial Meeting.

After this an experienced hospice registered nurse will develop a plan of care that is consistent with the patient’s own goals and priorities. Our main concern is helping each client to be as functional as possible.

Read The Garden Island Article.

Other topics covered are the history of Kauai hospice, staff perceptions working with dying patients and the Kauai event programs we do like Concert In The Sky on July 4th and the Island Tour of Homes. For more information, contact Kauai Hospice at (808) 245-7277.

(Excerpt from The Garden Island, February 5, 2014)