starkMy step-father, Carl Stark, moved to Kaua`i with my mother nearly 15 years ago and quickly settled into island living. Despite his intent to retire, Carl couldn’t stay idle for long and soon found work as a security guard with Freeman Guards. He enjoyed talking story about his long nights on duty and was typically stationed at PonoKai and KahaLani Condominiums as well as Kukui Grove Shopping Center, where he helped many visitors to the island with his personal style of Aloha.

Carl was diagnosed with cancer in 2006 but wanted to keep working. When it became evident that his battle against cancer was hopeless, we looked to Kaua`i Hospice for help. Carl’s desire was to be in his Kapa`a home in familiar surroundings with his pet cockatiel, Peter, by his side. Since we live in California, it was very difficult to abide by Carl’s wishes while providing him with the appropriate medical care he so desperately needed — that’s when the professional staff at Kaua`i Hospice stepped in.

Being on the mainland is challenging enough, but when a family member is dying, those challenges can sometimes get overwhelming. Thankfully, the staff at Kaua`i Hospice was able to help us find a solution and referred us to full-time caregivers to help take care of Carl’s needs in our absence. In addition, Kaua`i Hospice’s experienced medical personnel made regular visits to ensure Carl received the best possible care and was able to spend his last few weeks in the comfort of his own home.

Kaua`i Hospice helped guide us through every step of the process, every flight to and from the mainland and, in the end, they helped us make the proper arrangements to bring Carl’s remains back to California. The heart-felt concern and compassion of the entire team was a great comfort to the whole family and their continued support after Carl’s passing was deeply appreciated.

A sincere mahalo to everyone at Kaua`i Hospice.

Charlotte Cheek
Step-daughter of Carl E. Stark